About Me

Kim and Lady in Whistler

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Kim and I’m a graphic/web designer and illustrator from British Columbia. I currently reside in Metro Vancouver, but I’m originally from Victoria and have also lived in Kelowna and Whistler.

I have always been a creative, highly visual and communication focused, but it wasn’t until 2022 that I decided to switch careers from hospitality management to pursue my love for visual design. From my 17 years experience in hospitality I bring with me my love for building meaningful connections, helping people, sharing experiences, and problem solving. Even while studying Hospitality Management my first time at college, some of my favourite projects were designing event posters and PowerPoint presentations.

Choosing to study Graphic + Web Design at the Centre for Arts and Technology was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Throughout the program, I remained dedicated to learning and growing, and I found that I absolutely loved every subject covered. As a self-proclaimed design nerd, my passion for design is fully integrated into many parts of my life. You will often find me staring at all the packaging on my trips to the grocery store, both critiquing and admiring the designs I see.

When I’m not dedicating myself to my passion for design, you’ll find me hiking, snowboarding, cooking, or playing board games. Oh and I have the most adorable 14.5 year old pug who is the ultimate side-kick/companion.

Why I fell in love with design…

Design aligns perfectly with my insatiable curiosity, visual nature, and creative problem solving. I’m passionate about communication, information, psychology, helping people, and learning, design allows me to combine all of these interests.

I love helping others communicate and connect with their audience through thoughtfully crafted and unique designs. Being a highly visual person, I often translate words into pictures in my brain to better understand and connect. Taking information and organizing it in a way that is easy to comprehend, supported by engaging visuals, and in a way that makes sense to its intended viewer is a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy.

One of the things that excites me the most about design is that it is constantly changing and evolving. I’m innately curious, multifaceted, and highly driven to learn and grow, which means I’m always up for a new challenge or project.

Kim Snowboarding Whistler
Kim Climbing Squamish

What can I provide?

Creative problem solving requires a tailored approach, by doing this I ensure effective and customized design solutions. This involves actively listening, learning, and empathizing with my clients, their businesses, and their target audience. Everyone has unique experiences, perspectives, and approaches, and I strive to understand and incorporate these differences in my work.

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills. Whether it’s mastering a new design tool or gaining a deeper understanding of my client’s industry, I am committed to ongoing learning and growth.

Throughout the design process, I prioritize supporting and guiding my clients to ensure they feel thoroughly understood.

By doing what I do best, my clients can focus on doing what they do best.

What inspires me?

Design and art that evokes a sense of wonder, adventure, humour, nostalgia, and connection is very inspiring to me. Some of my biggest influences are nature, Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton, and retro/nostalgia.

I love the space where digital meets analog, where you get the innovation, possibilities, and growth of today’s technology, but blended with the thoughtfulness, craft, intention, look and feel from a pre-digital time.


Curiosity + Learning
Exploration + Adventure
Connection + Understanding
Creativity + Imagination
Fun + Playfulness


+ Photoshop
+ Illustrator
+ InDesign
+ XD
+ Lightroom

+ Premier Pro
+ After Effects
+ Dimensions
+ Procreate
+ WordPress

+ Wix
+ Visual Studio Code
+ Microsoft Office
+ iWork

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