Pole Performer + Mobility Instructor + Model

To visually capture the persona of Ivy Divine, creating branding, poster for print, and merchandise for her to sell at her shows.

My focus for this project was to design a poster specifically for print production- having a sound file, using colours + appropriate blacks (rich black VS plain black), and having everything ready to go for a seamless print.

I also created branding based off of the persona bio that Ivy Divine created for her pole performance and her stage presence when she performs.

+ Branding – logo, colours, typography

+ Poster Design

+ Original Photoshop Artwork

+ Merchandise Concepts

Dreamy and effervescent, Ivy Divine is a pole performer, mobility instructor, and model.

A succubus born of cotton candy clouds and shimmering sea, Ivy has only one goal: to entangle her willing audience and feast on their energy.

Step into her dreams and allow Ivy Divine to sweep you away.

+ Dreamy
+ Effervescent
+ Pole Performance
+ Cotton Candy Clouds
+ Shimmering
+ Pink
+ Succubus à la Stage

The Solution:

I was an absolute dream to create graphics, artwork, and branding for the persona of Ivy Divine.

My goal was to capture and emulate the soft dreamy aspect that is also seductive and enchanting. I brought a bit of the dreamy 90’s/00’s Y2K vibe, lots of glitter, and a Sailor Moon fantasy.

I’ve used countless amounts of glitter, clouds, and effects to bring in the dreamlike effect.

Photo Credit: Kitty Photography

* Thank you Kitty Photography for letting me use your beautiful photograph to create this artwork *