” We’re all mad here . . .”

Curiouser Gin is a brand and product concept that I created as the result of a design exercise.

The challenge for myself was to create a full promotional package for a business concept, drawing design inspiration from art movements in history.

+ Branding – logo, colours, typography

+ Printed Materials: Business Card and Poster

+ Package Design

+ Promotional Clothing Items

I decided to create a Gin Business and Product concept inspired by Alice In Wonderland and the art movement of “Dadaism”. 

After learning about the movement of “Dadaism”, the infamous Alice In Wonderland book came to my mind and felt the two concepts were made for each other. Characteristics of both include, humour, whimsy, artistic freedom, irrationality, and spontaneity. I thought that a product like gin would be the perfect product to compliment the two concepts and tie it all together.

I have been a long time fan of everything to do with Alice in Wonderland, it is imaginative, chaotic, random, curious, strange, vague, creative, and nonsensical fun. These are all elements that speak to the Dadaism art movement.

The Solution:

I’ve incorporated subtle elements of Dadaism throughout my branding.

For the logo, I’ve kept all the font choices playful, whimsical, and random, using multiple fonts for the word gin as a nod to Dada and encasing it all in an old mirror frame as a nod to the novel.

My biggest influence of Dada came through the package design that surrounds the logo. I combined a combination of visual elements from the book into a collage-style design, using pages from the book as the background.