Okanagan’s Premier Seafood House

* Please note this is a personal design challenge and has no affiliation with the West Coast Grill *

This project is a design exercise that I did to challenge myself to do a re-brand of an existing restaurant.

This project was done for educational purposes and has no affiliation with West Coast Grill. I started from scratch with the design as I did not want to alter another designers work.

+ Re-Brand – logo, colours, typography, pattern

+ Menu Design

+ Take-Out Packaging Design

The West Coast Grill is committed to providing their guests with the freshest seafood and finest local ingredients. They strive to provide a wide range of culinary creations from farm-to-plate and sea-to-fork, preparing creative dishes from scratch.

West Coast Grill provides it’s guests with a beachy & relaxing atmosphere with upbeat decor. Located in a beautifully designed contemporary restaurant with a long, marble-topped bar, West Coast Grill & Oyster Bar is the Okanagan’s premier seafood house.

The Solution:

For this re-brand, I wanted to give a fresh and modern take that reflects the beachy, relaxing, and upbeat experience provided by the West Coast Grill. I felt there was an opportunity to further showcase the high-quality and creative culinary experience they also provide.

I was inspired by the ‘art deco’ movement, using decorative elements with a sleek, non-traditional, and elevated but approachable feel. Incorporating design elements like geometrical shapes, simple lines, repetition, and patterns to create a classy yet approachable feeling.

To tie together the modern, elevated feel with the ‘west coast/beachy/relaxed’ vibe, thoughtfully chosen the colours, fonts and overall design approach. I’ve used a rich blue/green and light silver that is reminiscent of the ocean and is inviting. The design is simple and clean, so that guest’s feel the sense of being taken care of, but also relaxed. The two fonts used in the in the logo create playfulness and hierarchy/contrast between the ‘grill’ and ‘oyster bar’ aspects of the restaurant.